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Platform: PC

Genre: Platformer

Art style: Pixel Art



Big Bad Jackal has kidnapped a Lady Panda. You must save the Lady Panda! To get to the Big Bad Jackal’s dungeon you have to defeat his pawns and avoid his deadly spikes in his territory. In your journey of the revenge you have your katana to slice your enemies in half and bunch of ninja stars to throw between in your enemies’ eyes. Please you must save her! And  You must Git gud!


Left Arrow & Right Arrow = Movement

Space = Jump

Alt = Throw NinjaStar

X = Melee Attack

Up Arrow = Open doors/Go to cave

Esc = Pause



Design, Programming & Art

Markus Granlund

Word From the Developer

Origin of the idea

Lisätty 09.02.2018

Firstly I thought who would not like pandas? Pandas are fluffy and cute. Everybody loves pandas. Well that is a reason that I chose the panda as hero of the game. When I was a infant I had a first touch to a game called Super Mario Bros. and fell in love with the game. So I decided to make a very simple 2D Platformer as my first game in Unitytreenit game development workshop. Lastly I imitated few things from the classical 2D games as for instance Headstomper from Mario or ninja star throw and melee attack from Ninja Gaiden.

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