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Platform: PC

Genre: Shoot'em Up



Your mission is to fight your way to the evil boss, and destroy it. 



W,A,S,D - keys for movement

Use Mouse for aiming and direction

Left-Click to shoot


Design, Programming & Art

Niko Poikolainen

Word From Developer

How the idea started?

Lisätty 20.02.2018

There are things lacking that I would have wanted to fix, but couldn’t get done due to time limits. The game went through a lot of changes. Pretty much the only things that didn’t take massive changes were the player model and the overall shooting. On a positive note I did get quite a lot out of this. Lots of modeling was very much fun and educational. Lots of different scripts and test scripts, though some didn’t work out at all. A fun name I did want to use was “Glorious test” but went and changed that a bit.

A unrefined game that helped me learn quite a bit. Next time should be much better.


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