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Genre: Space Shooter, Shoot 'em up, Twin Stick Shooter

Platform: PC

Graphics: 2D



A 2D, top-down, Twin Stick, Space shooter with the goal of

surviving as long as possible and racking up points.

Simple and clunky.



WASD/Left Stick - Movement

Mouse/Right stick - Aiming

Left click/RB or R1 - Shooting

Right click/ LB or L1 - Bomb


Developer / Designer

Programming & Design

Jesse Teperi

Word from Developer

TSS - origin of the idea

Lisätty 29.09.2017

Expanding upon the idea of the generic Space Shooter tutorial, on top of working on a project/idea that I knew I could possibly even finish.

Goal was to use a joystick/controller, make a character move freely in 2D, and rotate by following the mouse cursor, with "smooth" controls, along with a camera that moves just slightly behind the player. 

I'm thinking of possibly reaching 1.0.0 at some point in the future, mainly since it's easy and simple to continue expanding on something as simple as this


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