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Genre: Horror, puzzle, FPS


Darkness has fallen to Lahti city, everything is driven into madness in the dark. You were escaping the city, you found promising yet bit broken car, find a way to repair the Escape Car in the post-apocalyptic Lahti. Also you must find lights to fight off the darkness or you will also be driven into madness.


W,A,S,D -keys for movement

E, for picking up items and using objects

R, for placing lights

Q, for switching flashlight on/off

TAB, for opening player inventory

Z, for Opening containers

C, Show/Hide Cursor

Number keys 1 - 6, for using inventory slots

How To Play

Try to find parts for the Escape Car, they are scattered all over the Marketplace. Always try to stay in light to gain back your Sanity.


Game Dev Blog

It's finally here

Lisätty 25.04.2017

Lightless Lahti is now ready and playable. It was long journey but we learned alot!

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Lightless Lahti Update

Lisätty 13.03.2017

Lightless Lahti has progressed well since last week, lot's of new things has been made. Check them out!

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Lightless Lahti is growing and getting shape

Lisätty 07.03.2017

Lightless Lahti had good progress last week and continuing to grow and get features done little by little.

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Lights were turned out in Lahti city

Lisätty 28.02.2017

The first co-production game with the new workshop trainees. Game is locating in post-apocalyptic Lahti in Finland, where eternal darkness has fallen and you as a player want to escape, but your car needs to be fixed, but beware, stay in light, darkness will drive you into the madness.

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