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Genre: Simulator, Action, Puzzle



Fly to portals to select different level, each level has their own goals.


Needs HTC Vive to work!

Left Controller:

Menu Button: Open & Close in-game menus

Trackpad Press: Toggle Laser Pointer

Trigger: Shoot & Use UI Buttons when Laser pointer is active

Grip Button: Restart Level

Right Controller:

Menu Button: Open Close HUD

Trackpad Axis: Move in the direction

Trigger: Fly Up

Grip Button: Descend


How To Play

Get to feel of the flying controls in the first level, if you get easily motion sickness or scared of heights, a seated experience is a good choice.


Ivan Shevtsov
Roope Laaksomaa
Roope Nordström
Sohvi Vehkapuro
Juho Vanhatalo
Iisa Hämäläinen
Ljubomir Matviiv
Matti Anttila

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Jetpack Simulator HTC Vive game

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