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Genre: Action/Puzzle

Graphic: 2D

Catch various bugs to survive the day.

The game has three levels, which each has a different bug to collect. In the first round you collect flies. In the second round you collect ladybugs. And in the last round you collect moths. Each round has a different amount of bugs to collect. Game also has “venomous” bugs which you need to avoid.




How To Play

Move gecko’s head with Mouse and Left Click to use tongue to catch bugs.


Programming & Design

Iisa Hämäläinen

Game Dev Blog

Word from Developer

Lisätty 22.02.2017

I got the idea for the game one night when I was feeding my gecko. My head had been empty from any kind of ideas for the game, so that was kinda the only “good” idea which I had in mind. In the process of the game I did a lot of drawing, for all the bugs, backgrounds, character and buttons. I used GIMP for backgrounds and Piskel for the rest. The Game was made with Unity3D. C#Scripting was probably the hardest thing for me because I hadn’t do it ever before this, so that took lot of time and nerves but fortunately I had Matti there to help me. There were few problems with the game, which took a bit longer to solve, but gladly we got rid of them. The game took about 4 weeks to make, and even though I was sick for a few times, I made it on time.

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