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Genre: Platformer

Platform: PC

Graphics: 2D



2D Platformer which goal is to get to the finish line on time, there are obstacles and traps.

You can avoid the obstacles by using the Gravity Switch which switches the gravity of the level upside down or use double jump. You can switch the difficulty in the options menu. Try to get the highest score by collecting all coins in the level.



Programming & Design

Roope Laaksomaa

Game Dev Blog

Game Idea

Lisätty 22.02.2017

A simple idea to develop 2d Platformer came from when I was playing with gravity.

After that i kept adding features such as jump, enemies, hazards, point system.

I made the levels that start off easy then get harder after level after level, some levels require you to use gravity switch while some don’t. Your objective is not just to reach goal but to collect coins for your score, if you want a good high score be sure to collect all the coins.

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