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Genre: Action


Player needs to clean all the trashes out of the game area using cleaning tools, without letting them go bottom of the screen. Player will get points from trashes that he manage swipe off the sides and the top of the screen. If the trashes gets bottom of the screen the player will lose health. When player does not have health left he will lose the game. There is also some special pickups that player should try to collect, for limited speed boost or health restore. It is an endless game with increasing difficulty. Player target is to get best score.



Arrows keys for moving the dustpan and W-A-S-D keys for moving the brus



Juho Vanhatalo

Developer Blog

Word from Developer

Lisätty 22.02.2017

It was time to make my first game ever. I started looking the tutorials and decided to make my game, based on unity’s own Space Shooter tutorial. I started making normal Space Shooter game with special music system on it. After making the basic game system with shooting and moving I wanted to make some different, than basic Space Shooter game. Soon i found out funny system when i forget the colliders on for the enemies and physics let the player push the enemies out of the game area. Then I changed my mind, and got the idea of the cleaning game. I removed the shooting system and made some objects with the Blender. I started out making better spawner for the enemies and made the double controlling system for the player’s cleaning tools, as they were in player’s both hands. I made the background scrolling to make game endless. Also added two different special pickups. Lastly I added the options menu, sound effects and some music.


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